1.) Our service provides our users to watch television channels that they are legally required to possess in order to be complying with our Terms of Service. Users who are proven to not have legal rights to watch this content will be removed from our service with no questions asked and no rights to a refund. However; due to the large availability of the programming we provide, we will assume that users are using this service within the letter of our disclaimer -- and we do NOT burden our users with proof that they have the proper licenses to watch the programming we provide. It is on them that they are capable of providing this information to the proper authorities if and when they are asked to by said authorities. We will never ask you to do anything like show us your cable or satellite bill, we assume that you have access to watch the channels provided by this service. We will never turn over a users IP to any authority, and all information will remain confidential. This is in effect; a strict don't-ask don't-tell policy.

2.) The aforementioned rule puts our service in the same classification as the services provided by the "Sling-Box", a commonly used device around the world to provide users with access to watch their home television feeds on mobile devices at any location they have internet access.
Also members are required to take this in notion: All content offered on this site falls on local jurisdiction, members are obligated to make sure they are free to watch in their own local or national legal boundaries. mycrichd.Com is a platform for TV users, any donations or financial transactions made to mycrichd.Com are to ensure the uptime of the infrastructure and not to ensure content

3.) No data relating to any copyrighted material/infringements is housed on this server, or for that matter-- will ever be housed on this server or any other server associated with us. The links provided are provided by specific users for the purposes of allowing other users to watch content they should normally have access to within the comfort of their home. It is not our fault if our users do not comply with this statement in our disclaimer, be it by the user providing the content, or the user receiving the content.

4.) It is your legal right to record any content that you have access to. But keep in mind, none of the data is now or will ever be stored on any of our servers. The administrators and moderators will not provide you with links to download the content we have ever provided, and we ask that you please do not post links to download any content that we have provided. We strictly prohibit anybody to use or relay our content for another service or share their account with any other person(s) without clear evidence of permission from a our administrator, failure to comply with this will result in a ban for the perpetrator(s) from this website.

5.) Again, I re-enforce the point that while we will not burden you with proof of ownership of the rights to use our service, that you please keep in mind that it falls upon you (the user) to ensure that you are within the legal rights of your federal, state, or local jurisdiction to watch any content we provide.

6.) A little known law in Europe states that as owners of satellite provided data (which most of our users providing content are covered by) that you have legal right to re-distribute the content as you see fit. This does not mean that you as an end user have the legal right to watch it in whatever country you are in. If you feel this is not something you wish to do, then please research your own local laws. Again, we will never provide any information to any authority, if someone finds out that you as an end user are watching content you do not possess a license to, it happened because you told somebody who told the proper authorities. No administrator or Moderator on our board will ever turn over the information of any users in good standing to any one, period.

Terms of Service:

1.) Our service is meant to act as a cheaper replacement to the sling-box device that is currently being sold around the world for a retail price of $250 dollars US. Our users are allowed to watch any content in which they would have access to normally, and LEGALLY allowed to do so in nearly every country in the world.

2.) Our servers now fall under the legal jurisdiction of Sweden, which has (to steal a quote from ThePirateBay.org) "sane" copyright laws. These laws state that as long as no data is physically housed on a server, even if links are provided to where the data is housed, that the web-site is operating within the letter of the law as defined by the Supreme Courts that currently reign over those countries.

However, we still ask that you do not provide links to other boards, or locations of downloadable material that is similar to what we provide here. We cannot account for the laws of said links, only what we have been allowed to provide based on the permission of our users providing content.

3.) In order to use our service, you must have the following:
1.) A Windows PC or MAC, capable of watching a a embedded flash player
2.) A downstream capable of downloading at a rate commensurate to the stream quality -- Please refer to our demo
3.) Legal license to watch the programs you choose to watch.
We cannot account for failures of service and will not provide a refund to any user failing to provide accurate proof of the first two parts of this statement (again, we will never burden users for legal proof of licensing to watch the programs on our website).
4.) It is important to remember that no legal responsibility falls upon the owners of this website, or the web host that provides us with our content as well as any other hosts linked with this website. It is assumed that you comply with our Disclaimer AND our Terms of Service, and therefore all aforementioned owners are absolved from any legal responsibility of misuse of our service.
5.) No refunds will be issued after 24 hours - If you signup for our services and you are not satisfied with our services, you are eligible for a full refund within 24 hours of buying the package. NO REFUND WILL BE ISSUED AFTER 24 HOURS I know this sounds as though we are trying to be offensive to our users, but keep in mind this is strictly to serve as a definition of what our services intent is -- and to ensure that we are legally allowed to continue operating and provide you all with this service.

*PLEASE NOTE* All Members/Employees Of Willow Or People Working On Behalf Of Willow Are Strictly Banned From This Website - www.mycrichd.com - And may not view or use any of the images/files/content without permission from a our administrator aswell as they may not use this website to gain access to server IP's that may be being used on this website. We Have Your IP Addresses And Any Unauthorised Viewing/Use Could Result In Fines Starting From 100GBP Which Could Rise Depending On The Nature Of The Offence. We Will Not Hesitate In Taking Action Against Unauthorised Viewing Or Use Of Our Website.

Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your compliance with our Terms of Service and Disclaimer in advance.

The Admins of mycrichd.Com